Upcoming Trips

Come with us to Ecuador!

The trips throughout the year are scheduled and planned well in advance. Please contact us if you are looking to create a unique trip of your own or to join an existing trip. 

Dates Group
March 9 - 16

Princeton University & Conestoga Eye

Pediatric Ophthalmology Mission

April 20 - 28

Democracy Prep High Schools

Community Health Trip (3 schools)

May 4 - 11


General Surgery Mission

June 1 - 9 USC Nursing Program
July 13 - 21 Oculoplastics & Ophthalmological Surgical Mission
July 20 - 26


Women's Health and Community Health Mission

Fall 2024

Sights on Health 

Ophthalmology & Community Health Mission

Nov 9 - 16 General & ENT Surgical Mission

If you are interested in joining an existing trip or creating your own trip, feel free to contact us.