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For many years, we have desired to show our audiences what we do in Ecuador. These courses allow you to get a first-hand look at what we do in Ecuador. You will also have the opportunity to learn who we are, what we do, and gain insight into special topics on sustainable development in Ecuador.

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PACH Courses Overview

PACH’s virtual courses are self-paced. Learn about our work whenever you want. We have curated dozens of videos that give you a unique perspective on the variety of aspects of our work. The purpose of these courses is to provide accessibility to find out what we do in Ecuador as well as provide introductory and preparatory materials to people who are interested in joining us in Ecuador.


Free Course

This is an introductory course that gives you a view of who we are, where we work, and what it’s like to work with us in Ecuador

    • Meet our team
    • Tour the hospital
    • Gain a detailed perspective of what we do in Ecuador

Class Details

Medical Anthropology of Ecuador

Coming in March!

Designed by several members of the PACH and FIBUSPAM staff. This course combines decades of our knowledge in the fields of human health and disease with the unique aspects of Ecuador’s culture and health care system. You will have the ability to not only test your knowledge of the topics that we present, but you will also be able to interact with our team of specialists to improve your understanding of the medical anthropology of Ecuador and develop projects with us if you are inspired to do so.

Class Details

Sustainable Community Development in Ecuador

Coming in April!

Designed by our team of international sustainable development professionals. In this unique course, participants will learn about our approaches to sustainable community development as we embrace health care outreach to communities with methodologies like agroecology and education in community health.

Class Details

What’s in the Courses?

20+ Interactive Courses

Once you learn about a topic, you will have the opportunity to contact one of our specialists to engage any inquries you may have.

Video Tutorials

We have curated videos from our hospital and all over Ecuador which allow you to get a virtual perpective on what it’s like to be with us in Ecuador.

Project Development

You will have the opportunity to develop your own project work along with guidance from our international specialists. 

New Content

We will continue to create fresh content as we engage our international community through this new mechanism.


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Learn about us and stay in communication with our team. Hopefully we will see you in Ecuador one day!

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