Nursing Scholarships

Supporting the formation of indigenous medical professionals

Medical attention in the context of Ecuador as a pluricultural state lacks the representation of indigenous language speakers. The limited access to educational opportunities that prioritize language and cultural preservation has created among other factors, a mass migration of younger community members in various provinces with a high presence of indigenous populations. To support the formation of indigenous professionals, PACH has designed a holistic scholarship program to invest in indigenous students to succeed academically and contribute to the overall health of their local communities. With the future of those who will become part of this program in mind, we hope this initiative can contribute to creating labor opportunities and address the mass migration crisis of young indigenous people in rural areas of the Chimborazo province. As the need for compassionate and proficient treatment of patients, speakers of indigenous languages. PACH’s scholarship program goal is to finance two community health workers from local communities who wish to preserve the linguistic and culturally rich local fabric and contribute to increasing long-term community health. 

A partnership with the University Jatun Yachay Wasi, a sovereign indigenous higher education institution that offers a hybrid nursing program will guide indigenous students under an indigenous-designed curriculum that considers the strengths and areas of educational preferences.

The benefits of this program also include improved access to culturally appropriate, high-quality healthcare in rural communities in Chimborazo Province.