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What We Stand For

PACH’s mission is to provide resources and enduring solutions, along with global partners, to improve Andean community health.

Our Vision

What The Future Holds

PACH envisions healthy families and sustainable communities.







Our Values



Professional Excellence in Health Care

We are committed to providing high-quality medical care and hope to the people of Ecuador.

Where We Work

The Andes

Chimborazo Province is an area of unique interest and great need. The population is largely indigenous with a unique culture in terms of language, religion, family and social structure, work, music, and dance. It is also an area of widespread poverty. Over 25% of the adult population of Ecuador has now fled, and many come from this area. Many children are left behind with other family or friends or abandoned. Child trafficking is a significant risk to these children, as is malnutrition and lack of medical care. Other health risks include the widespread problem of water quality and sanitation. The economy is largely subsistence farming, families are often large and, because most children are born at home, there are high rates of infant mortality.

Why Ecuador?

63% of the indigenous population in Chimborazo Province live in extreme poverty.

28% of Ecuadorian children suffer from malnutrition.

Direct access to health care is limited.

Eye and dental care are even more scarce.

Respiratory illness is common due to the active volcano, Tungurahua.

Forced child labor and human trafficking affect the community.

Our Founder

“To use our economic freedom, our opportunity and our access to capital to succeed and generate wealth and then to share that wealth with others is, I believe, our highest and best use as Americans.”

– Paul Martel

Paul has been doing humanitarian work in Central and South America for over 15 years. He has organized 14 surgical missions to four countries including Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala and Paraguay. With his wife, Terry, he has brought 9 children to the USA and his home to provide life changing surgeries such as open heart surgery. Paul is the Founder and President of YHB Investment Advisors located in West Hartford, Connecticut. For Paul, the work of PACH and its clinic in Ecuador (FIBUSPAM) is a dream come true, and he feels blessed to know and work with his talented and dedicated staff and the army of volunteers they work with.


“It is one thing to talk about compassion.  It is quite another to hold another person in your arms and know that you can make a difference in their life.”

Sarah Marjane

Sarah Marjane

Executive Director, PACH Inc.

Sarah is a passionate humanitarian and is truly dedicated to our mission. She believes that every child deserves health, education, and love and is committed to serving the poor. Sarah joined PACH (then FIBUSPAM) in 2015 and holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from Benedictine University and a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the University of Scranton.

Prior to joining PACH, she served as a Senior Administrator at PATH, an Assistant Manager at CLUSA, and a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mozambique.

Zachary Smith

Zachary Smith

Operations Specialist, USA & Ecuador

Having been involved in social entrepreneurship initiatives in Ecuador since 2005, Zac’s inspiration thrives from all of the relationships he has created throughout the country of Ecuador.  He holds a Master in Business Administration and a bachelor degree in International Studies of Latin America.

Prior to joining PACH, he worked with a variety of for-profit and non-profit start ups including New Development Solutions Group in Guatemala and Ecuador. He served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Loja, Ecuador from 2005 to 2007.

Charlene Higgins

Charlene Higgins

Program Coordinator

Charlene is dedicated to supporting impactful organizations to achieve their missions, and she is passionate about building healthy, inclusive, and resilient communities.  Charlene holds an MA in Community Development Policy & Practice and bachelor’s degrees in Environmental & Resource Economics and Anthropology from the University of New Hampshire.  Before joining PACH, she was a Program Manager at the Organization for Refugee & Immigrant Success.

Lucy Miller-Suchet

Lucy Miller-Suchet

Program Associate

Lucy is passionate about systemic healthcare policy reform, including complete access to basic care and is dedicated to supporting grassroots healthcare organizations. Lucy believes PACH is one of those community-based organizations and is a leader in creating this change in Ecuador. Lucy obtained a Bachelor of Arts in International & Global Studies and Health: Science, Society, and Policy in May 2019. Prior to joining PACH, Lucy worked as a career counselor at the Brandeis University Hiatt Career Center. Lucy looks forward to supporting PACH’s initiatives as a 2019-2020 Princeton in Latin America Fellow and hopes that her work will propel her into a career of health law.



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In-Kind Donations

We are always interested in sourcing equipment for our partner clinic in Riobamba, Ecuador. We also accept contributions towards scholarship funds and mission-specific donations.

In-Country Staff


  • David Guacho – Executive Director
  • Olga Zapata – Senior Administrator and Inter Institutional Coordinator
  • Dr. Carlos Gonzalez – Ophthalmologist and Medical Director
  • Dr. Rodrigo Hinojosa – Family and Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Enrique Minta – General Surgeon and Pediatric Surgeon
  • Dr. Lenin Garcia – Dentist
  • Dr. Silkya Escobar – Dentist
  • Dr. Ricardo Delgado – Gynecologist
  • Dr. Franklin Baltodano – Pediatrician
  • Dr. Gabriela Perez – ENT
  • Dr. Indira Pineda – Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Freddy Barcenas – Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Jose Angél Cruz – Plastic Surgeon
  • Dr. Jorge Sague – Urologist
  • Dr. Jorge Valdez – Dermatologist
  • Dr. Damaris Rodriguez – Gastrointerologist
  • Dr. Urbano Solis – Rheumatology
  • Dr. Juan Pérez – Angiologist and Vascular Surgeon
  • Marco Xavier Vallejo – Andean Medicine and Chiropractics
  • Adriana Guamán – Registered Dietician and Administrator
  • Karen Piaun – Pharmacist and Biochemist
  • Ana Lema – Surgical and Auxiliary Nurse
  • Jimena Paca – Surgical Nurse
  • Petrona Pilamunga – Auxiliary Nurse
  • Wilson Guacho – Logistics

FIBUSPAM Ecuador’s Founding Members

The following 10 individuals bring a wide range of talent to our Foundation. All are dedicated, experienced humanitarians with a deep commitment to helping needy children.


  • Paul R. Martel, Founder, Connecticut, USA
  • Lic. David Guacho, Director, Riobamba, Ecuador
  • Dr. Lenin Garcia, Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Dr. Enrique Minta, Riobamba, Ecuador
  • B.F. Cecilia Toaquiza, Riobamba, Ecuador
  • Olga Zapata, Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Luis Villa, Riobamba, Ecuador
  • Lindsay C. Buckner, New York, USA

PACH, Inc. Board Members

Paul Martel


Paul R. Martel is the founder and President of YHB Investment Advisors, Inc. in West Hartford, CT. The company was founded in 1989 and currently manages over $1 billion for a variety of clients. For more information, visit  Paul has served as a humanitarian in Latin America for nearly 20 years, has organized 20 international surgical missions and helped bring a dozen children to the U.S. for urgent surgical care.  In 2007, Paul founded a medical clinic in Riobamba, Ecuador that has grown into a fully accredited multi-specialty surgical center serving the poor. In 2013, Paul established non-profit organizations in both Ecuador and the U.S., affectionately known as PACH, to support the medical needs of the poor in Chimborazo Province, Ecuador.  To date, PACH has provided medical care to over 30,000 children and adults throughout Ecuador. Paul is the author of “A Humanitarian’s Defense of Capitalism-The Paradigm of Freedom” and “To The Least Of Theses My Brothers.” The profits from his literary works are donated directly to PACH.


Jessica Kott

Vice President

Jessica Kott works as a Senior Portfolio Manager (Registered investment Advisor) at YHB Investment Advisors, Inc. Prior to joining YHB Investment Advisors in 2009, Jessica worked as a Senior Portfolio Manager at U.S. Trust / Bank of America Private Wealth Management. Jessica is an active volunteer in her church and community.  She currently serves on investment committees for Mattatuck Museum Arts and History Center, Housatonic Community College Foundation and the Girls’ Friendly Society.  Jessica volunteers for Foodshare’s Speakers Bureau and The Town That Cares Fund in West Hartford.  Jessica also enjoys teaching investment courses for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Connecticut.



Fernando Ascencio
Fernando Ascencio is a healthcare consultant, specializing in change management and communication strategies for large healthcare systems undergoing widespread transformations. Previously he served as Vice President of an international nonprofit focused on children’s health and as Executive Director of a DC nonprofit focused on supporting Latino families affected by cancer. Through those experiences, he brings expertise in grants and program management with direct experience in managing multi-million grant programs locally and internationally. Additionally, Ascencio serves as the Chair of the DC Cancer Action Partnership, the group accountable to the DC Department of Health (DOH) of upholding the community’s contribution to the DC Cancer Control Plan. Ascencio received his Masters in Business Administration in 2008.

Janis Jerman
Janis Jerman is a Connecticut-based general management and operations executive with significant experience in both the legal sector and non-profit management. Ms. Jerman holds a law degree from the University of Connecticut and has over 20 years of experience in non-profit finance, compliance, and operations. She also is a member of several non-profit boards and as such has contributed to board advancement. In spring 2018, Ms. Jerman traveled to Ecuador as part of a Rotary Club mission, and she has participated in international Rotary programs in India and Argentina as well.

John Herd

John has been a friend to the PACH family since 2011, when he brought a group of students from West Hartford, CT and joined with a group from the Escola Americana de Rio de Janiero, Brazil. That unified team played a significant role over the summer in the constriction of the clinic’s second floor, now the primary OR Theaters in the facility. The trip set the stage for Volun-Tour Trips, sponsored by Renbrook School West Hartford, CT in the summers of 2012-2015. These trips spawned the format for offering Volun-Tours to a variety of schools, colleges, and general volunteers that continue to be a pipeline for fundraising and volunteer recruitment. John is a mentor and teacher at Renbrook School, a 3-year-old 9th grade Independent Day School in central CT.  He has organized and lead volunteer and adventure trips to Europe, Australia, South and Central America, in addition to a variety of in-country explorations over his 23 years at the school. Alumni and alumni parents have rallied around the trips to raise awareness and funds to grow the foundation’s presence in New England.

Dr. Marti Bornstien

Dr. Marti Bornstien began her professional career as an organic chemist with Bristol Myers in the 1980s, and then worked as a high school biology/earth science/physics teacher. In the 1990s, she followed her dream and entered medical school.  Growing up in abject poverty, Marti’s mission was and is to provide for the disenfranchised. Sadly, an accident forced an early retirement from obstetrics/gynecology. Since then she conducts childbirth courses to expectant parents, trains physicians in medical care and practice, teaches adolescents to cook, and mentors young women, encouraging them to go into the sciences. She serves as vice-president of the Jean Axelrod Memorial Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) charity, and is a longtime volunteer with Operation Understanding DC (OUDC), an organization bringing Jewish and African-American youth in the Washington, DC metropolitan area for dialogue, education and development as community leaders. She lives in Maryland with her husband and their cat, Molly.


Nausheen Iqbal

Nausheen Iqbal is a Pakistani-American lawyer currently working as a Program Specialist at the Forest Service in Washington, DC. Her work focuses on supporting national urban waters coordination for the Forest Service through the Urban Waters Federal Partnership as well as assisting in the management of the Community Forest and Open Spaces program. Nausheen received an MA in Global Environmental Policy from American University and a JD from New York University School of Law. She has worked on water resources management, as well as human rights and transitional justice issues, both in the U.S. and abroad.  Previously, Nausheen was a consultant with the World Bank’s Global Water Practice, focusing on transboundary waters management, and prior to that worked on water security issues at the Woodrow Wilson Center and disaster and flood management at WWF-USA. Her current research interests include urban, socio-ecological, and gendered impacts of climate change, and environmental justice issues in water resources management. Nausheen grew up in Karachi and moved to the United States in high school where she has lived in Chicago, New York, Boston and now Washington DC. Outside of work she loves to travel with her family and hopes to pass on her passion for scuba diving and white water rafting to her young daughter


David Khorram, MD

David Khorram is a physician, writer, and educator with extensive experience in grassroots development and capacity building. He has served on and chaired boards of both non-profit and for-profit organizations.

After completing his training in eye surgery in the United States, he spent 22 years in the South Pacific developing eye care in the Mariana Islands. In addition to co-founding Marianas Eye Institute, he helped establish programs to build capacity in health care and administration among island residents.

From his current home in Portugal, Dr. Khorram leads the University of Virginia’s Division of Global Ophthalmology, and spends much of his time traveling across the continents to provide surgical eye care and training. He has been listed in Guide to America’s Top Ophthalmologists.

David and his wife, Mara, are the co-founders of Brilliant Star School, a non-profit school on the island of Saipan. He serves on the boards of the Mona Foundation and Vision Health International. He is the author of the books, “World Peace, a Blind Wife, and Gecko Tails,” and “Diabetic Eye Disease.”