Mission Trips to Ecuador

Providing resources and enduring solutions to improve health in Andean communities
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Mission trips play an important role in PACH’s mission to provide resources and enduring solutions to improve health in Andean communities. Since 2007 PACH has hosted dozens of international surgical teams performing life-changing procedures and many more mission trips reaching the remote villages of the Chimborazo province and beyond.  Partners have included established medical mission organizations, high schools, universities, and small groups led by medical professionals.  We continue to look for new partners to help support our mission in Ecuador.

Recent Trips

PACH successfully and safely returned to hosting trips in 2022, including an ocular plastics surgical mission and a women's health and community health mission.  The final trip of the year was with Healing the Children North East, which provided dental care to 423 children and performed over 1,200 dental procedures.

Medical Missions

By empowering local partners and leveraging the expertise, energy, and resources of international volunteers PACH promotes a culture of well-being, disease prevention, and respect for diversity. Medical missions to Ecuador help local partners reach their goals and serve communities in need through the talent and expertise of international organizations and volunteers that bring specialized care to the region and provide valuable educational and cultural exchange opportunities. 

PACH’s primary medical programming areas are family medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology, gynecology, general surgery, and public health education.  Missions are typically organized as medical caravans to the local communities or hosted at FIBUSPAM’s certified day hospital utilizing its operating rooms. FIBUSPAM’s talented medical staff work alongside international teams to allow for mutual exchanges, formation of relationships, and a continuum of care for the patients.  

Contact us to find out if your specialty is a need for the populations we serve!

Volunteer & Student Mission Trips

PACH facilitates trips to Ecuador for volunteer and student groups interested in supporting the work of local partners. Groups have been from high schools, universities, and even organized by individuals.  Trip participants spend most of their time working with FIBUSPAM staff on group sponsored medical caravans to the local communities.  These mobile clinics help to make healthcare more accessible to those living in remote regions.  Examples of volunteer tasks include: assisting in administering patient eye chart exams, interacting with and supporting families during the patient intake process, and helping with projects in the villages and schools. Highlights of the trip may also include visiting indigenous communities; experiencing native culture and cuisine; and exploring local sites. 



  • Over 15 years of experience hosting trips in Ecuador
  • Established partnership with Ecuadorian based day hospital, FIBUSPAM, with well-equipped ORs, lab, pharmacy, and eyeglass lab
  • Handles all paperwork for permissions required by the Ecuadorian government & customs paperwork to enter with supplies
  • Staff dedicated to pre-travel coordination and planning
  • Experienced and knowledgeable bilingual travel guides
  • 24/7 in-country support
  • Patient outreach throughout a large region & pre-screening prior to arrival
  • Established relationships with indigenous communities in remote areas
  • Opportunities to perform medical studies
  • Unique cultural exchange experiences

What to Expect on a Trip

A PACH facilitator accompanies the team during their travels and a local travel guide coordinates all the ground transportation, accommodations, meals, and various sightseeing, adventure, and cultural experiences. Upon arrival to the city of Riobamba the team will work closely with staff from PACH’s local partner clinic, FIBUSPAM. All clinic spaces, patient lists, surgical spaces, and mobile medical clinics will be organized by FIBUSPAM prior to arrival. Teams can truly focus on providing efficient and effective quality care to the patients, while enjoying their time in Ecuador! 

Length:  7 – 10 days 

Schedule:  3 – 5 volunteer days & 3 – 5 days for travel & activities

Location:  Riobamba, Ecuador & its surrendering regions

Accommodations: Hotels based on the team’s budget

Typical Sightseeing Activities:  Visits to local towns & big cities, volcanoes, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, chocolate farms, and various cultural experiences