PACH-Certified Applied Immersion

Winter Virtual Internship Immersion Program

Join us for an immersive virtual internship experience this winter!

DATES: January 15th – January 29th


This winter, virtual interns will collaborate with Partners for Andean Community Health and participate in an immersive and educational experience, supporting the communities that we serve in Ecuador. We are focusing our work beyond the walls of our hospital in Riobamba, Ecuador and integrating services in the communities from which our patients come. This experience will specifically focus on social, health, economic, and biological systems and we will develop short-term project work in collaboration with several Ecuadorian organizations that work in the areas of eco and agri-tourism and fair trade agricultural products. Our work is intended to benefit the communities where we serve in rural Andean Ecuador.

PACH Immersions


For the past decade plus, Partners for Andean Community Health has collaborated with indigenous communities in rural Ecuador to provide health care and community services to those most in need. Through this incredible journey we have immersed ourselves in local culture and practice and become ingrained in healthcare delivery, sustainable farming, indigenous medicine, fair trade practices, and local markets. This course will unlock the door to understanding the unique culture and way of life of the diverse communities of Ecuador. 

Experience You Will Gain


  • Project development to improve Ecuadorian communities through eco and agri tourism and fair trade
  • Virtual collaborations with Ecuadorian counterparts and
    international experts
  • Topic area expertise in Ecuadorian Society – focusing on Central Highland, Coastal, and Amazonian communities.



Community Health


Food Security


Eco, Agro, and Cultural Tourism


This program will involve synchronous virtual meetings and asynchronous work. You will be encouraged to collaborate with team members on your own. It is expected that you will devote around 20 hours per week to this program. We will have 10 live Zoom sessions that take place in early evenings. The first 8 sessions will focus on orientation of PACH, Ecuador, our work and project area themes. We will have a mix of presentations from our international team and review resources related to our programming. The final 2 days will focus on project deliverables. 

Example Projects:

  • Work with our team in improving equitable fair-trade cacao enteprises.
  • Collaborate with international professionals on developing agroecology projects for communities near our hospital.
  • Support our efforts in the Amazon to bring STEM education to youths.

Cost: 350 USD

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Program Application

This program is very unique given the nature of our work and this program may not be a great match for everyone. We take our work very seriously and make sure that every intern is able to not only gain valuable experience, but also have the capacity to contribute to the benefit of the communities that we serve in Ecuador.